Ride | New Album Promo Kit


Recorded between July – October 2019 at Electric Highway Studio
Produced by 10 Code & John Voulgaris
Mixed & Mastered by John Voulgaris
Artwork by Manthos Stergiou (Manster Design)

10 Code return to action with their most mature release to date. Having dived deep into their influences, varying from the glorious 90’s grunge rock scene, to the stadium rock vibes of Queens of the Stone Age & Foo Fighters, 10 Code deliver a promising release, adding to the now-rich legacy of the Greek heavy rock scene. The 8 tracks of “Ride” feature significantly heavy guitar riffing, memorable atmospheric mid-tempo parts, supported by a very tight rhythm section, saturated by the powerful production of John Voulgaris and enriched by the flawless high-pitched vocals of singer Petros Potamianos who delivers some of his best performances to date.




10 Code gathered together for the first time around November 2011. They all came from the so-called greek ”alternative” scene, they all played in several (some of which, successful) bands, but 10 Code has been a brand new start for all of them. The band started working on original material and soon began presenting it live, creating a small yet loyal fanbase.

Their first release, “the connection ep.” came out in May 2013 and received very good reviews from the music Press and audience. Superman’s Cape was the single to stand out, gaining airplay time in major FM radio stations. The band became a featured artist in the Jamendo, the world’s #1 platform for free and legal music downloads. Superman’s Cape became one of the top hits ever, with 300.000 plays and 55.000 downloads, as for May 2014.

In May 2014, the “Transmitter” single (with bonus track “Today”) was released as a sneak peek of the forthcoming full-length album. In June 2014, 10 Code performed in the EuroMusic Contest 2014 final in Paris, after being chosen with 9 more artists among 3267 contestants from 40 European countries.

In September 2014, George Paraskevopoulos and Stefanos Sakellariou joined 10 Code, replacing Simos Simeonidis and Dimitris Adamopoulos respectively.

The first major realease of the band, Swiftlets is released in February 2016.

In September 2017, Haris Anagnostou replaces Stefanos.

Ride is the band’s sophomore to be released in early 2020.

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