We feel obliged to truly thank these people:

Irene Rapti faithful fan, top illustrator, 10 Code logo + artwork designer
Vangelis Moschos sound engineer
Todd Rigos great friend and official photographer
Myronas Stratis great friend, great musician, great singer, great sound engineer and crazy enough
Kyriakos Asteriou sound engineer, live tech
Stefanos Daniilidis sound engineer, great mixer
Maplerun great band, great friends
Jane Doe our Thessaloniki friends, a great band
Vangelis Orfanidis great friend, always there
Vangelis Kakoulakis great friend, equipment provider
Nikos Nikolaidis great friend, equipment provider
Vangelis Nikolaou great friend, Thessaloniki host
Vassilis Pigkos top fan
Irene Bougoulia top fan
Althaia Menagia top fan
Stelios Mitilinaios top fan, cool driver and crazy
Katerina Kalodouka top fan and babysitter :)
Thanasis Rallis radio producer, the first to give us some airplay
Yannis Leounakis radio producer, the first to interview us live
Peter Yiamarelos radio manager, believed in us
Jesse Abundis our american friend, novelist, poet and talent scout :)
Martin Guerber featured us in Jamendo
Cécile Perrin interviewed us in Jamendo
Sylvie Samara great photographer

Without them, many things would be really difficult to achieve!
Thanks a million, guys!

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