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Efsyn.gr 15/05/17

An article about the rise of alternative rock and and an honoring mention to 10 …

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Mudtimes.gr 28/04/16

A very cool article about the band by Jon Kaps (lang: GR).


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Chiosradio.gr 19/03/15

10 Code were band of the week for chiosradio.gr, which also wrote some kind words …

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Hard Music 02/02/15

Hard Music says a few good stuff about the band (lang: GR)!

Read more: http://www.hardmusic.gr/articles/to-who-is-who-twn-10-code.html…

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wolnakultura.pl (the connection ep.)

the connection ep. review by the polish wolnakultura.pl blog (lang: PL)

Read more: http://wolnakultura.pl/10-code-prezentuja-swoja-pierwsza-epke…

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rockway.gr (the connection ep.)

the connection ep. review by Rockway music blog (lang: GR)

Read more: http://www.rockway.gr/stiles/parousiaseis/nees-kyklofories-gr/item/6729-10-code-the-connection-ep…

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poetssound.blogspot.gr (the connection ep.)

the connection ep. review by POEt’s Sound music blog (lang: GR)

Read more: http://poetssound.blogspot.gr/2013/10/poets-sound-10-code.html…

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fridge.gr 07/09/13

Superman’s Cape was the song of the day for one of the most popular greek …

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reckoninghour.com (the connection ep.)

the connection ep. review by reckoninghour.com (lang: GR)

Read more: http://reckoninghour.com/archives/5680…

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rockisdead.gr (the connection ep.)

the connection ep. review by rockisdead.gr (lang: GR)

Read more: http://rockisdead.gr/2013/05/30/ellines-pou-ta-spane-tencode/…

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