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metalpaths.com (Swiftlets)

Swiftlets review by metalpaths.com (lang: EN)

Read more: http://www.metalpaths.com/reviews/2016/07/13/review-10-code-swiflets/…

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feelarocka.com (Swiftlets)

Swiftlets review by feelarocka.com (lang: GR)

Read more: http://feelarocka.com/10-code-swiftlets.html…

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rockhard.gr (Swiftlets)

Swiftlets review by rockhard.gr (lang: GR)

Read more: http://www.rockhard.gr/greece-attacks/10code-%E2%80%9Cswiftlets%E2%80%9D-3plab…

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merlins.gr (Swiftlets)

Swiftlets review by merlins.gr (lang: GR)

Read more: http://merlins.gr/index.php/news/236-10-code-swiflets#.V0hD55NcSkr…

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Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine UK, issue #187 (Swiftlets)

Great review for “Swiftlets” and 9/10 by Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine, one of UK’s …

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rocking.gr (Swiftlets)

Swiftlets review by rocking.gr (lang: GR)

Read more: http://www.rocking.gr/reviews/album/10-Code-Swiftlets/6669…

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sawbiz.gr (Swiftlets)

Swiftlets review by sawbiz.gr (lang: GR)

Read more: http://sawbiz.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6215:10-code-swiftlets-self-released-2016&catid=65:album-reviews&Itemid=28…

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10 Code present “Swiftlets”

This is by far the most important live show until now.

We are extremely happy …

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rockap.gr (Swiftlets)

Swiftlets review by rockap.gr (lang: GR)

Read more: http://www.rockap.gr/10-code-swiftlets…

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rockinathens.gr (Swiftlets)

Swiftlets review by rockinathens.gr (lang: GR)

Read more: http://rockinathens.gr/?p=72162…

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