As mentioned in the band’s page, ten-codes represented common words or phrases and were used for fast communication among CB users (police officers, truck drivers, firefighters etc).
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our ten-codes

We’ve got our handmade ten-codes. Our ten-codes mean something to us. From the easy ones (eg, ten-codes for rehearsals, for live gigs etc) to the special ones: We’ve set a ten-code for each person or thing that means a lot to us, individually or as a band.

We think of it as paying a tribute to these persons or things. People, bands or professionals that really helped or supported us got their own ten-code. People we love and get inspired by, they got their own ten-code too.

The “easy” ones will be listed here, soon. The “special” ones are secret. Each person knows their own ten-code and if they want, they can reveal it. If they’re proud of their badge, they wear it!

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