the connection ep. – limited edition cd

After several months of pure digital consumption, the connection ep. is now available in a limited edition CD!
Living in a beautiful digipak with the artwork of Irene Rapti, this CD would be the best way for anyone wanting to support us in our effort to make music our own way!

You can get your own copy in our ordering page or via bandcamp.

Thanks for supporting!


Why buy the EP?

Well, first of all, ANY support -either buying the physical or the digital form of the EP, or any single of it- is a great help to us, so that we can keep working to create music independently!
So, why buy the physical EP? Do we make more money from it? No, we don’t. Actually, if you consider the packaging expenses, it’s the same (or a bit less) as the digital form. But if you take a look at the pictures:


[flickr_set id=”72157637590041915″ fixed_height=”true”]


you’ll see that this might be something worth having in your collection! Beautiful design, matte finish, clever digipak, limited copies. And who knows? Maybe it could become a collectors’ item one day! ;)

Having our EPs spread around the world is good for us too: we believe that “good” listeners will appreciate the whole deal, the music and the aesthetics. And perhaps some other “good” listeners see it and think it’s worth having their own copy!